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Loading data

How to load data

There are several different ways how you can load your data

  • Use the file menu. File -> Open...
  • Use the toolbar. Click on any of the available buttons
  • Use a keyboard shortcut:
  • CTRL+SHIFT+P - open ORIGAMI project file
  • CTRL+R - open Waters (.raw) file - IM-MS
  • CTRL+C - open Waters (.raw) file - CCS calibration
  • CTRL+F - open Waters (.raw) file - DT-IMS
  • CTRL+T - open heatmap text (.csv/.txt/.tab) file
  • CTRL+SHIFT+C - open multiple heatmap text (.csv/.txt/.tab) files
  • CTRL+V - get mass spectrum from clipboard
  • Load directly from data panels (Multiple files, DT-IMS, Text files)
  • Drag-and-drop files in the window or into the panel

Supported file formats

  • Raw files: Waters (.raw) MS and IM-MS
  • Community files: Mascot Generic Format (.mgf), identification mzML (mzIdentML)
  • Text: .csv/.txt/.tab - MS, DT, RT, heatmap, data with metadata
  • Clipboard: - MS data only

Supported datasets

  • MS
  • IM-MS
  • CIU (manual and ORIGAMIMS acquired)
  • SID (manual)
  • UVPD
  • DT-IMS - still at experimental stage
  • CCS calibration - still at experimental stage