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Interactive mass spectrum

Figures without widgets

You can easily export annotated mass spectrum and share it with the scientific world! Here is an example of a mass spectrum of a NIST antibody that you can zoom-in, move around, hover-over and more.

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<iframe width="620" frameborder="0" height="605" src="html-files/mass-spectrum.html" style="background: #FFFFFF;"

Figure with widgets

You can also annotate figure with multiple widgets that can improve the visualisation experience. It might be desirable to give readers/consumers the possibility to adjust the figure to their preferences. The example below shows how labels can be removed, their size can be adjusted and the behaviour of the hover tool can be altered.

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<iframe width="620" frameborder="0" height="755" src="html-files/widgets-mass-spectrum.html" style="background: #FFFFFF;"